A Peace Plan

A radical idea for world peace: reinstate the draft in USA.

Think about it.  No enemy nation has threatened American soil for hundreds of years (since the civil war). There has been no draft in USA since Vietnam.  If they have any personal experience of war at all, most voting-age Americans today have the seen the horrors only through through the lens of the Call of Duty, a video game they play at leisure from their quiet suburban living-rooms. 

That sham reference point is completely divorced from the realities of death and destruction brought on by bombings, artillery, and ground troops.  Burned out homes.  Rape.  Pillage. Taken. Collateral damage.  Refugees.  Nights sleepless fearing a knock at your door.  The Disappeared.

Such emotional distance makes it very easy to accept foreign wars.  That they are conducted literally by remote control from a comfortable and anonymous distance lends a surreal, even cartoon quality to the whole affair.  Yet it is reassuring to know that this messy business is controlled and supervised by individuals – professionals – wiser and better informed than ourselves.  Though the other side may resort to crimes, we are secure in the knowledge that God is on our side, and most of us need never get close enough to look the enemy in the eye.

It is against this background that we should consider the Radical Idea.  Where conflicts are concerned, military draft is a great equalizer, an equal opportunity employer, the lottery of a lifetime, and an education for the whole family.  It personalizes war. 

It is only when enough of us have a personal experience with war that we become sufficiently equipped and educated to say a collective, Hell No! 

Bring back the draft.  That is the key.


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