Tools of Law Enforcement

At bottom, law enforcement agencies, including the military, accomplish their goals using the tools they have been given and are trained to use.  Force, violence, fear, uncertainty, and doubt are the tools of their trade.  Law enforcement accomplishes its goals imposing restrictions and curtailing the individual liberties that it deems hazardous.  Law enforcement is called to action when softer diplomatic efforts have failed to realize its objectives.  
We need to recognize that these same tools are being used to further law enforcement expansionism.
This is not to say that individuals in that community are bad – far from it.  However, the culture of law enforcement  does have a particular prism for looking at the world, and that prism does colour their interpretation of what is best for everyone.
The key thing to remember is that our lawmakers need not accept law-enforcement’s cultural biases.  Law enforcement must be our servant rather than our master.  We need lawmakers who can maintain a healthy skepticism about the advice they receive and the threats that are advertised.  We need lawmakers who will take the threat of lost privacy at least as seriously as the enemy-du-jour.
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