Cafe or Library?

I frequently stop in at the library during the day.

Recently, as I was looking around inside, I noticed that most people don’t actually go there for the books any more.  Most had computers.  Or were studying, writing in notebooks.  Some were eating their lunch.  Others had stopped in, off of the busy, noisy side-walk, finding it a nice quiet place to make or receive a phone call.  *PLINK*BUZZ*BONG*BABBLE*

It reminded me of my favourite coffee place, DarkHorse, with its big, shared tables, newspapers, conversation, and busy hubbub.  Nice.

Except no coffee at the library.  Which got me to thinking: what’s the difference nowadays, between the two?  Why have we felt the need to make them so the same?  Am I the only one who enjoys a quiet reading place?

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